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Brooklyn, New York

Based in New York, NY and Philadelpia, PA, Natalie Trento Events provides professional, customized event planning services for parties, weddings, corporate and nonprofit events of all sizes. Because of her experience, varied background, and keen knowledge of the event, nonprofit, and bridal industries, Natalie is an invaluable resource to her clients.



Easter 2015

natalie trento

This year, my mom was once again kind enough to host Easter Dinner at her lovely home outside of Philadephia. Since I never turn down an opportunity to be involved with conceptualizing and implementing a design, I took the reigns and offered to be in charge of designing our Easter table.  Early in my design process, I decided to focus on bright spring colors like yellow and pink to really celebrate the season. I just love how everything came together!

Flowers were purchased from my local flower vendor 48 hours in advance of our Easter Dinner.  I made the floral arrangements the day before and stored them in a cool space so that all of the flowers stayed fresh and bright. 

Bright pink tulips, sunny yellow daffodils and blue hydrangeas were placed in white vessels.

The personalized menus were printed from my home office printer (a basic laser jet) using paper from LCI.